High Speed Candy Wrapper

The FW3401/HS Wrapper is designed for high-speed packaging of bite-size products at speeds of up to 1,500 packages per minute.

This machine wrapper is equipped with a disk feeder to load the product into the wrapper in-feed. Additional features include an Auto Film Splicer for automatic film roll changeover and Film Pre-Heaters.

The cantilevered frame enables quick and easy cleaning. The touch screen control system can be easily networked with plant information systems.

High Speed Candy Wrapper wrapping machine

Key features

  • Compact Stainless Steel clad hygienic design
  • Six-up rotary end seal for speeds of up to 1500/minute
  • Integrated servo controlled disc feeder for consistently positive feed
  • Easy clean Cantilevered frame design

Pack styles

This machine is compatible with the following pack styles.

Pillow pack style illustration



This machine is compatible with the following industries.

Biscuits and Confectionary industry illustration

Biscuits & Confectionery


Specifications may vary according to application.

Model Product size Film width
FW3401/HS 30mm × 25mm 100mm