Inline Feeder

Fuji’s range of servo driven, intelligent, multi-belt inline feeding systems allow randomly spaced product to be managed gently and effectively (at high speeds) from upstream production into the in-feed of the flow wrapper.

This is done by comparing the position of the product with the in-feed carrier position and then by a series of minor adjustments to the intermediate belts, the product is seamlessly transferred into the correct position.

The conveyors feature self-tracking belts and the conveyor units are easily removed for cleaning and maintenance.

Inline Feeder wrapping machine

Key features

  • Multiple belt system
  • Synchronises upstream production with the wrapper
  • Hygienic design allowing for ease of cleaning
  • Mechanical parts are installed remotely from the product transfer area

Pack styles

This machine is compatible with the following pack styles.

Gusseted pack style illustration


Pillow pack style illustration


Recloseable pack style illustration


Block Bottom Gable Top pack style illustration

Block Bottom Gable Top

Flow Bag pack style illustration

Flow Bag

Linked Packs pack style illustration

Linked Packs

Shrink pack style illustration



This machine is compatible with the following industries.

Bakery industry illustration


Pharmaceutical industry illustration


Produce industry illustration


Biscuits and Confectionary industry illustration

Biscuits & Confectionery

Dairy industry illustration


Household Supplies industry illustration

Household Supplies

Laundry and Dishwasher Tablets industry illustration

Laundry & Dishwasher Tablets

Meat, fish and poultry industry illustration

Meat, Fish & Poultry

Medical Devices industry illustration

Medical Devices

Pizza industry illustration


Tea and Coffee industry illustration

Tea & Coffee

Wet and Dry Wipes industry illustration

Wet & Dry Wipes


Specifications may vary according to application.

Model Product size Film width
FFS1000 150mm × 50mm -
FFS150 130mm × 60mm -
FFS100 110mm × 50mm -