VX Wrapper

The VX is an inverted, or back seal flow wrapping system that has been designed for the produce sector.

It offers the same build quality, ease of use, reliability and production efficiencies as the rest of the Fuji range, but with the addition of a number of features tailored specifically for this market place. It is available with Rotary or Box Motion sealing systems.

VX wrapping machine

Key features

  • Increased product height capability of up to 180mm
  • Easily removed, stainless steel, belt or finger chain in-feed options
  • Lower cost and ease of use
  • Rotary and Box Motion models

Pack styles

This machine is compatible with the following pack styles.

Gusseted pack style illustration


Pillow pack style illustration


Recloseable pack style illustration


Block Bottom Gable Top pack style illustration

Block Bottom Gable Top

Flow Bag pack style illustration

Flow Bag

Linked Packs pack style illustration

Linked Packs


This machine is compatible with the following industries.

Produce industry illustration



Specifications may vary according to application.

Model Product size Film width
FW3410BS/B VX 200mm × 180mm 700mm