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9 most innovative packaging designs – more than a box

At Paramount, we appreciate innovative packaging ideas and have put together a list of some of our current favourites for you to enjoy too!

The environmental

Flower garden

Sometimes when someone changes the norm you realise how that norm was far from perfect. We think this has happened with Milena Włodarczyk’s new designs for flower packaging. Previously when we went to garden centres, we would come home with our new plants in plastic bags which are neither good for the environment nor for the plants they hold.

Włodarczyk’s clever new packaging is made from a single strip of cardboard which is biodegradable and allows the viewer to check regularly on their new plant, suitable for the purchase and environment.


Sainsbury’s have long been a big name in the supermarket industry but had yet to be a particular name in the packaging field until recently. To try and reduce the astronomical amounts of food waste recorded daily, they have added a colour changing the label to their packets of sliced ham as a way to tell consumers when the meat is off.

The endeavour is an innovative one to counteract food waste and as UK households throw out 1.9 million slices of ham every day, racking up a bill of over £170m a year – it’s one that will hopefully make an impact.


Another company that looks to change the mounting issues surrounding the food industry and waste is WikiCells. Their design-led concepts involve creating edible food packaging that aims to stop the need for any non-biodegradable wrappers.

The edible exterior would be made of different nuts, fruits or seeds amongst other ingredients so it is both earth-saving and nutritious. The designs come from observing fruits like oranges and kiwis that naturally grow with an edible shell, protecting them from going off as much as any man-made packaging does.

The creative

NYC Spaghetti

NYC Spaghetti designed by student Alex Creamer has won awards for its creative way of allowing its contents to seamlessly represent its packaging and vice versa. The outer picture depicts the shape of the Chrysler Building, and so does the spaghetti within. This is a clever and simple design that follows on beyond the outer package and delights its user.

Poilu Paintbrushes

This new and playful packaging design from Poilu allows for a usually unexciting purchase to become a visual treat. Offering the function of assembling two paintbrushes together with only one cardboard piece, the design has been executed both environmentally as well as creatively.

The natural hairs of some paintbrushes have been dyed to give the illusion of a man’s’ moustache and beard allowing you to see an everyday item anew!


This packaging from Gloji is a visual delight, the style is meant to represent Gloji’s ability to “light you up” from the inside out. The unusual light bulb shaped drink package encompasses both brand and product beautifully.

The thoughtful

The Togo Burger

Created by Seulbi Kim, The Togo Burger concept was awarded a Core77 design award for its innovative redesign of the burger takeaway package. Using a minimal cardboard shape that has neat pouches for the burger, drink and fries involved - the design is both better for the environment as well as being easier for the consumer to use.

Utopick Chocolates

This thoughtful and inspiring design came from Lavernia & Cienfuegos for the master chocolatier Paco Llopis. The packaging took inspiration from the journey chocolate itself makes, and is represented by a ship to hint at the long journey cocoa pods must make to reach the chocolatier.

Dumbbell Sports Drink

The Dumbbell Sports Drink designed by Jin Le is quite the inspiration to designers everywhere. It imitates the exact essence of the product not only through its shape but by the fact that once this product is ingested, it can then be filled with water or sand to be used as an actual dumbbell! Each bottle weighs 0.5 kg to encourage people to use them for their dual use, a lasting product.

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