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Industry leading produce supplier installs eighth Fuji packaging machine

The customer once again made contact with Paramount Packaging Systems looking for another system that could pack cobs and cobettes of sweetcorn in twos and fours, with and without trays, whilst ensuring product freshness, continual efficiency and productivity on the production line.

Having visited their facility for an initial site survey to measure up the available space, Paramount Packaging Systems Sales Director Aaron Bessell concluded that the customer should once again implement the same Fuji system that has been so effective in the past 4 years, bringing them superb reliability, high production speeds and improved efficiencies.

Fuji flow wrappers are renowned for their flexibility and can be easily adapted to suit a range of different sized and weighted fresh produce items through the ease of programming change. Fuji flow wrappers require minimal maintenance and are highly user friendly – something which is extremely important to the customer to minimise downtime through the traditional lengthy changeover times.

The Fuji packaging series has been manufactured to withstand a range of temperature-controlled environments to ensure product freshness and longevity – a feature which makes it the ideal packaging solution for this customer’s needs. Once installed, it will represent the eighth Fuji wrapper installed and yet further endorsement for the Fuji range of flow wrapping machines.

This will be the eighth machine that we have installed on site over a 12 year period due to the customers continued expansion. The Fuji packaging range is an ideal solution for the customer; fast, reliable, efficient, the Fuji flow wrappers allow the customer to be completely adaptable to end user requirements with a swift product changeover and ease of operation.

The customer is delighted with the Fuji flow wrapping machines and we very much look forward to continue to work closely with them in the coming years.

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