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Ming Foods


Ming Foods are a supplier of Chinese pastries. Founded in 1984 by married couple Mr and Mrs Minh, Ming Foods has grown to become the UK’s leading supplier of Chinese pancake and spring roll products.


Ming Foods have been a customer of Paramount’s for over 15 years. As the business has grown, Paramount have been alongside them every step of the way, as their trusted packaging machinery partner.


Mr Minh recently made contact with Paramount with an urgent production issue. As with many food manufacturers, the lead up to Christmas is a hectic time, and with the Chinese New Year approaching, Ming Foods had become inundated with orders; they were over capacity and didn’t have enough packaging systems in place to cope with the number of orders they were receiving.

In short, Ming Foods required an additional machine that could process enough units per minute to keep up with the huge demands for their Chinese pancake products, and they needed it quickly – in just one week!


Paramount received Mr Minh’s request late Monday afternoon. Having worked with Ming Foods for a number of years, they knew it was an extremely busy time of year for them, so it was vital this wasn’t compromised because of a production setback.

Knowing this, the sales team from Paramount, headed straight down to meet with Mr Minh on the Tuesday morning to get a greater understanding of their requirements for the machine for both current and future use.

Having measured up the available space at the facility and discussed the exact necessities of the machine, the team recommended the FW3710BS/B Alpha 8 Flow Wrapper. With its ability to process a variety of different sized products at high speed, along with the capacity to manage future business growth, it fitted the bill perfectly. Mr Minh was keen to proceed.

The order was placed on the Tuesday afternoon and arrived at Paramount HQ early on Wednesday morning, where Paramount’s team of specialised engineers were on hand to adapt the machine to suit Mr Minh’s requirements.

Upon customisation, the machine was packed, loaded and shipped to Ming Foods. It arrived with Mr Minh Friday morning and was quickly installed and commissioned by Paramount’s installation team. The time from Mr Minh placing the enquiry, to having a full working machine onsite was under one week.


It’s been a few months since the installation and Ming Foods were able to successfully process and deliver every order on time.

The addition of Fuji’s state-of-the-art Alpha 8 packaging machine into the company’s existing packaging infrastructure has allowed them to maintain their exceptional reputation for delivering high quality products on time, increase their production capabilities and has given them the opportunity to expand their business further.

Mr Minh is overjoyed and extremely grateful for our speedy response and the delivery of an outstanding flow wrapper. It’s exceeded his expectations in its ability to process so many products in such a short space of time with such an easy product changeover. Fuji’s Alpha 8 flow wrapper has been the perfect addition to their existing packaging set up, and they’re now able to expand their business further and process even more orders throughout the day. We very much look forward to continuing our relationship with Ming Foods in the future

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