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Paramount implement Alpha 8 wrapper for water purification tablet supplier

The UK and Ireland’s leading supplier and distributer of Fuji’s horizontal and vertical flow wrapping machinery, Paramount Packaging Systems, recently installed Fuji’s new Box Motion Alpha 8 wrapper into the facility of a water purification tablet supplier.

The Challenge

The customer, based in the UK, first made contact with Paramount Packaging Systems looking for alternative options to wrap their 3.25g and 11.9g water purification tablets. They wanted to continue using their existing packaging materials of paper and aluminium foil for the tablets, as they were happy with the quality. The product also required packing in a hermetically sealed pack, producing around 200 packs per minute, to ensure continual efficiency and productivity on the production line. Finally, the customer stressed that the packets could potentially look like sweets if the packaging was too small, so requested Paramount Packaging Systems design a packet size that wouldn’t be a safety hazard for children and could have safety information printed clearly directly on it.

The Solution

Based on the customer’s requirements and Paramount’s extensive experience of supplying machinery for dishwasher and laundry tablet packaging, they recommended that the customer should implement the Alpha 8 Box Motion Wrapper into their facility. The feed of the product was fully automated, with operators emptying buckets of the product into a vibratory bowl feeder. The bowl feeder then orientates the tablets into a single-file line so there is a continuous stream of tablets being fed onto the in-line belt feeder. Products that are touching or irregularly spaced are automatically synchronised in time with the operation of the jaws and fed onto the film.

The system consists of two belts – a pre-feed and timing conveyor – which are built into the wrapper and are easily removable for cleaning. Paramount also designed a packet size for the 3.25g tablet of 70mm x 45mm and 75mm x 53mm for the 11.9g tablet. These were large enough so as not to be perceived as sweets by children and have safety information printed clearly on to the packet, and small enough to ensure as minimal materials as possible were used to minimise environmental impact.

The Outcome

We were very happy with the installation. The Alpha 8 wrapper is able to produce 200 packs per minute, so this suited the client perfectly. We hope to work with more customers in the dishwasher and laundry sector because The Alpha 8 is perfect for meeting the diverse needs of the industry

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