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Paramount Packaging Systems ramp up production for pharmaceuticals

It would be near impossible to find a business that hasn’t been affected by COVID-19; however; it is our healthcare system, the professionals who run it and the manufacturers that supply to it that have had to respond perhaps to the some of the biggest challenges over the last few months and are currently facing up to a particularly challenging winter period.

With limited medical resources, rising pressure on the National Health Service and heightened stresses on supply chains – pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers have been at the forefront of the country’s battle against coronavirus.

We can certainly vouch for this

Since initial discussions in March, closely followed by multiple machine orders placed, Paramount Packaging Systems has installed 3 Fuji packaging systems specifically for packing rapid antibody lateral flow tests, with a further 3 to be installed by the end of the year.

It comes as the UK’s lateral flow device manufacturers scaled up their production capacities in response to the dramatic increase in demand. More efficient lines were needed to process a higher volume of packs at significantly faster rates.

All 6 Fuji packaging systems will be used for the packing of rapid antibody tests, which identify the body’s response to coronavirus after the onset of infection, in less than 20 minutes.

In addition, another wrapper was supplied to an existing customer who manufactures respiratory care products, to be used in critical care units in hospitals.

As you would expect, demand for higher pack throughput has increased amongst manufacturers. Fuji’s range of flow wrapping machinery offers direct feed of product, with no operator intervention needed – offering optimum speed and hygiene levels. On top of this, the systems are easily validatable, constructed from stainless steel and GMP/FDA compliant.

As standard, manufacturers experience high speed processing and hermetically sealed packs, which are a necessity when packaging a sterile moisture-sensitive product.

In response to the ever increasing capacity demands placed on pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers in this COVID-19 world, Fuji increased their level of European stock machines, enabling Paramount to react to the increased demand.

It’s been a very busy time since the end of March, supporting our pharmaceutical and medical device clients. For us, the main priority was getting the machines delivered and installed as quickly as possible, with the first two machines installed and fully validated within 10 weeks, which is a fantastic team effort and the rest of the wrappers are programmed in with all installations complete by January

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