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Ramping up production for pharmaceuticals

Already a leading supplier, with a large install base and vast experience in supplying flow wrapping systems to the UK’s healthcare system; we, with the support of Fuji Machinery Co., have had to respond to the challenges of a lifetime over the last 18 months, and are facing up to yet another challenging winter period.

With stretched medical resources, continuing pressure on the NHS and increased stresses on supply chains – pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers have been at the forefront of the country’s battle against Coronavirus, by manufacturing lines for both lateral flow and PCR test kits.

As the distributor of Fuji’s range of flow wrapping equipment to the UK and Ireland; when we were contacted by multiple companies looking for the supply of machines, capable of packing lateral flow devices in fully sealed hermetic packs, we and Fuji reacted, calling on Fuji’s European stock of machinery, and also the ability for Fuji to fast track orders through their new Nagoya, Japan factory, which opened earlier this year. 

We put together a package to supply fully automated flow wrapping lines, running at up to 120 packs per minute, and including automated desiccant dispensers, camera systems for checking the device, presence of desiccant, and also checking the printed text on the pouch was present, correct and legible. 

A full validation package was also included, covering the risk assessment of the line, installation and operation qualification, and a site and factory acceptance test procedure allowing the supply and installation of a fully validated system from a single source.

It was vital for the team to react and work as quickly as possible, to get these systems out to the customer as a matter of urgency

Since the start of the pandemic in March 2020, we have supplied nearly 25 Fuji packaging systems, the majority of which were for packing lateral flow and PCR test devices. 

Other Fuji wrappers were supplied for the wrapping of respiratory care products, to be used in critical care units in hospitals. 

As you would expect, demand for higher pack throughput has increased amongst manufacturers. Fuji’s range of flow wrapping machinery offers direct feed of product, with no operator intervention needed – offering optimum speed and hygiene levels. On top of this, the systems are easily validatable, constructed from stainless steel and GMP/FDA compliant. 

As standard, manufacturers experience high speed processing and hermetically sealed packs, which are a necessity when packaging a sterile moisture-sensitive product.  

It’s been a very busy time since the end of March 2020, supporting our pharmaceutical and medical device clients. For us, the main priority was getting the machines delivered and installed as quickly as possible, with the first two machines installed and fully validated within 10 weeks. We also continued to supply machines to our existing food customers and support our existing install base with parts and service support, either remotely via Microsoft Teams or Facetime, or with site visits. It has been a fantastic team effort

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