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Reclosable packs

The Background

This manufacturer of bakery products was one of the first in the UK to implement reclosable packaging solutions for their baked goods.

As you would expect from baked products, such as loafs of bread and rolls, having the ability to reseal their packaging is essential to prolonging the product’s freshness and shelf life.

Our client was exploring the most practical and viable solution to achieve this.

After an initial meeting with Paramount Packaging Systems’ Sales Director, Aaron Bessell, reclosable packs appeared to fit the bill perfectly and our client was keen to implement the technology.

The Solution

Aaron and the team worked closely with Zip-Pak, the zipper technology specialists, who were suppling the reclosable packs, to ensure the three Fuji Alpha flow wrappers that Paramount were supplying, were suitably equipped to process and package the press-to-close reclosable zipper packs.

The customer stressed that not every product required a reclosable pack, which meant Paramount needed to customise the machines to allow for both standard packs and zipper packs to be processed on the same flow wrapper. To achieve this, a cross web zipper unit was designed to sit over the machine’s infeed; which can be easily be switched on and off depending on the pack type.

The Outcome

Two of the machines supplied are being used for speciality bread products, whilst the other is handling a premium sliced loaf, supported in a tray.

“By their very nature, specialist and premium products of this type tend to be consumed over a period of time, so reclosable packaging helps support much higher consumer confidence in the freshness of the product” comments Aaron.

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