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The Alpha VII Wrapper is our latest addition

The Alpha VII which was launched mid-2011 has a number of features designed to both improve productivity and reduce running costs.

The welded integral frame has improved strength, the footprint has been reduced and the support feet have been increased to give both greater stability and ground clearance. Strengthening of the film holder support allows optional equipment such as film pre-creasing devices, labellers and hole cutters to be installed directly onto the wrapper.

A wider film can now be used and a non-contact fibre optic film run out switch makes threading the film easier and also prevents marking.

Perhaps the biggest advance in productivity is the Fuji Vision System (FVS). This scanner is built into the film drive roller housing and checks / confirms the following:

  • The correct film is loaded for the job being run
  • High accuracy reg-mark detection
  • Film tracking
  • Vendor splice detection
  • Film image inspection
  • Label application
  • Printed image (legible)
  • Bar-code reading
  • OCR

The 12” panel monitor has improved colour usage for people with colour blindness and popup messages help avoid mistakes and assist operators. 300 product settings can be stored with pictures of the product, electrical changes are carried out by computer and mechanical changes are detailed on screen with pictures of the item to be adjusted for clarity.

With a direct drive servo motor on the in-feed conveyor, it has improved cycle stop accuracy, given greater control for low speed running and it is more energy efficient. The side guides are mounted on hinges to improve access for cleaning.

The centre seal deck plate is now held in by powerful magnets allowing for tool-less removal and the transfer brush is now made from silicon to prevent possible contamination of the product.

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