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We install high-speed Fuji machine virtually

A large-scale baker in Ireland, with a high capacity state-of-the-art-facility, has installed an additional Fuji packaging machine to keep up with increased demand as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, supplied and installed by Paramount Packaging Systems.

It comes as the bakery giant was under increased pressure from European supermarket chains to ramp up its production capacities.

In response to the ever-increasing capacity demands placed on the food industry in this COVID-19 world, Fuji increased their level of European stock machines, enabling us to react rapidly to the increased demand.

Keen to get the ball rolling, the client delivered the required packaged product and film to our HQ in Fleet, to enable our team of engineers to swiftly assemble, modify and set up the newly-imported machine with the customer’s products. Once complete, virtual training was performed to ensure the client was comfortable with the machine’s functionality before it was shipped, ready to go, to their premises.

After a rapid turnaround to configure the machine specifically for the client’s need, the unit was delivered to the client’s site in Ireland; however, given the strict travel restrictions at the time and COVID measures in place, we generated step-by-step installation instructions, including services connections required and the parts to be reinstalled after shipping. Once in position, the set up was completed virtually over Zoom, giving the client’s technical team clear instructions on how to commission and test the wrapper prior to running in production.

5 months on, the machine has been running at full capacity, offering incredible speed and reliability, with minimal engineer intervention.

All Fuji machines are built with user-friendliness at the forefront of its construction, so we were confident in our and the client’s ability to complete this installation remotely. In these challenging times, we’ve been able to adapt and overcome various hurdles to ensure our clients have the support they need to ensure current and increase their production capacities

The client already had an 8-year-old Fuji machine installed in its factory, which is still running at the same capacity as it was when it was first installed all those years ago

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