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Distinctive packaging for triangle sandwiches

Paramount Packaging systems the UK agent for Fuji Machinery Co of Japan is launching the FW32 triangle sandwich wrapper to the UK market.

The FW32 wraps standard or deep fill sandwiches in a distinctive stand up easy to open-pack, which gives high visibility on-shelf presentation at minimal cost. Incorporated into the rear of the pack is an easy-open tear strip, which enables the pack to be fully opened and laid flat to act as a plate.

The FW32 is a compact designed wrapping machine with a footprint of 575mm x 1970mm and has been designed for wrapping triangle style sandwiches.

The operator places the sandwich into a preformed bag and this is fed into the FW32 where the machine folds in the bag end and seals it with tape. The now wrapped sandwich is discharged onto a conveyor where further processes such as labelling or metal detection can be carried out.

The preformed bag can be supplied either plain for over labelling or pre-printed.

The FW32 is manufactured in stainless steel and all conveyors are fitted with hygienic food grade belts.

The wrapper features simple controls to set the wrapping speed and is fully CE compliant.

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