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Fuji Machinery Relocates To OnePlus

If you’re an existing Paramount Packaging Systems Ltd customer, then you will be well aware of our long-standing relationship with Fuji Machinery, the Japanese packaging equipment manufacturer whose flow wrappers are, we firmly believe, the very best on the market.

Fuji has specialised in packaging machinery since 1946, and over the years the company has innovated ceaselessly, delivering new machines and continuously pushing the boundaries of technological advancement.

Last year, Fuji announced details of further expansion with a relocation of the main factory to a new, purpose-built premise in Kito-Nagoya. This move was particularly significant because it brought together all the company’s administrative, sales and production functions at a single site, clearly signalling the firm’s commitment to continued growth and investment. 

Fuji moved into its new base, known to staff as OnePlus, in March 2021. It has doubled its production capability as a result, and we’re now receiving orders faster than ever before.

If you’re rethinking your packaging strategy, this is a particularly good time to get involved with Fuji flow wrappers. Give us a ring to learn more. 

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