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‘Green’ packaging machines to wow this year’s visitors at Foodex

We will be exhibiting once again at this year’s Foodex show with two Alpha 8 flow wrappers – the FW3710BSB with attachless infeed, adapted to run tortillas, cheese and sausages, and the FW3410B wrapper, perfect for general bakery products and minced meat, without a tray.

Both systems are capable of processing recyclable and other eco-friendly packaging films and use far less packaging film in production, which has a direct positive impact on cost and transport efficiencies. On top of this, they are incredibly user-friendly, boast lower energy consumption compared to other models and have more accurate temperature control.

Both systems can run MAP at high speeds to create longer shelf life for products. Fuji also offer a range of automated feeding systems that can reduce labour and improve workplace efficiencies.

Recent installations at a minced meat manufacturer in Germany and Finland have proven that both systems can achieve a 70% reduction in packaging materials, decreased labour costs and significantly increased packaging speeds.

We’re delighted to be showcasing the FW3710BSB and FW3410B flow wrappers at Foodex this year. They will be excellent additions to any existing packaging infrastructure, but particularly for meat, poultry and bakery manufacturers. Their abilities to reduce the amount of packaging used in production, process different eco-friendly packaging films, but whilst maintaining the product’s shelf life, really are fantastic features of the machines

Aaron continues: “Manufacturers are now realising that in order to wrap their products in eco-friendly packaging films, they need a machine that has the ability to do so. We have plenty of options on offer and really look forward to demonstrating the wrappers in April.”

To see the FW3710BSB and FW3410B flow wrappers in action, visit Paramount Packaging Systems on stand H179. Their team of packaging experts will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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