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Leading pharmaceutical company reduce production time with Fuji packaging machine

Paramount Packaging Systems, the UK and Ireland’s leading supplier and distributer of Fuji’s horizontal and vertical flow wrapping machinery, recently installed a narrow back seal (inverted) machine into the facility of a leading pharmaceutical company.

The customer, based in the UK, made contact with Paramount Packaging Systems looking for a packaging machine to wrap their vast range of healthcare products. They requested that the machine needed to be adapted to be used in a pharmaceutical environment; which included full qualification documentation, whilst ensuring continual efficiency and productivity on the production line.

Having visited their facility for an initial site survey, Paramount concluded that the customer should implement a bespoke Fuji FW3400 BS/B machine, with added unique features, to meet their specific requirements. Having used Fuji machinery in the past, both in the UK and globally, the client was happy with Paramount’s recommendation and happy to proceed.

The installation was a huge success. Due to the packing room location, the machine was lifted three floors by a crane and entered the building via a window that had been removed specifically for the installation.

We listened to the client’s requirements and were able to adapt the machine to suit the unique needs of the pharmaceutical environment. Once we’d managed to get the machine in the building, it was installed in the morning and up and running by the afternoon. We were delighted with how the installation went

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