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Confectionery supplier has increased efficiencies and reduces production time

A confectionery supplier based in the UK has cut their production time significantly and increased efficiencies dramatically after implementing a new high-speed box motion packaging machine into their facility.

Paramount Packaging Systems, Fuji’s sole distributor of horizontal and vertical flow wrapping machinery for the UK and Ireland, were called upon to assist them in supplying a packaging machine that could package their throat lozenge products individually in a hermetically sealed pack.

The Challenge

The customer, first made contact with Paramount Packaging Systems looking for alternate packaging solutions that could meet the needs of their globally-expanding product range.

The customer stressed that their current packaging infrastructure wasn’t able to cope with the increasing volume of items being processed per day, and required a solution that could increase their current production capacity within their existing infrastructure.

The Solution

Based on the customer’s requirements and Paramount’s extensive experience of supplying machinery into the confectionery market, they identified Fuji’s new Alpha 8 FW3400B High Speed Box Motion machine with a pre-feed hopper and disk feeder as the ideal solution. The system facilitates a dramatic increase in production due to the speed of the wrapper and feed system; it is able to wrap up to 400 packs per minute, all hermetically sealed; which was of great importance to the customer and end user.

We were very happy with the installation. The Alpha 8 wrapper is able to produce 400 packs per minute, so this suited the customer perfectly. We hope to work with many more customers in the confectionery sector in the future as the Alpha 8 is perfect for meeting the diverse needs of the industry

To find out about the high speed Alpha 8 packaging series contact them on 01252 815 252.

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