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Maximising efficiency: the power of modern flow wrapping technology

Over the years, flow wrapping technology has developed into an innovative and vital part of the packaging production line, strategically designed to maximise efficiency.

Revolutionising the way products are packaged in industries ranging from food to pharmaceuticals. The modernisation of flow wrapping machines has not only enhanced productivity, but also paved the way for sustainable practices, making it a vital tool in today’s manufacturing industry.

How modern flow wrapping technology maximises efficiency

1. High speeds increase productivity

Flow wrapping machines are able to package products of various shapes and sizes efficiently at high speeds.

At Paramount, our High Speed Candy Wrapper, the FW3401/HS Wrapper is designed for high-speed packaging of bite-size products, and can reach impressive speeds up to 1500 packages per minute, whilst the high speed box motion FW3410B can wrap products up to 130mm long at 400 packs per minute hermetically sealed!

2. Streamlined product handling

The latest flow wrapping machines are capable of handling vast quantities of goods in various sizes.

Changeovers can happen quickly and are measured in minutes, rather than hours, maximising efficiency and reducing downtime.

3. User-friendly reducing downtime

Recent advancements in flow wrapping technology have been transformative. Integration with digital controls and touch screen interfaces has made operation simpler and more intuitive reducing potential human errors and downtime.

At Paramount, we take pride in our machines having a highly intuitive user interface, providing simple access to operation controls, time saving diagnostics and production data. This user-friendly design leads to increased productivity and efficiency. In addition, our stainless steel machines feature a hygienic design for easy cleaning, ensuring the production of top quality products, and saving valuable time.

4. Reduces waste

The ability to quickly package products in a protective atmosphere with robust packaging materials means that products stay fresher longer, reducing spoilage and waste.

At Paramount, we have been working with a major supermarket and have successfully cut 97 tonnes of PVC from the supply chain, by removing all the PVC used on the existing overwrap from one line within the packhouse.

We also help to reduce food waste, as Fuji’s high quality packaging machines achieve a longer pack life and keep the product fresher for longer.

5. Sustainability

Sustainability is vital in the packaging industry. Flow wrapping machines have adapted to this increased demand and are now designed to operate with thinner, recyclable, or biodegradable films, reducing material and product waste and energy consumption. This commitment to eco-friendly packaging is not only helping the environment, but appealing to environmentally conscious consumers too.

Our Fuji horizontal flow wrapping machines handle recyclable, biodegradable and compostable materials, making it easy to switch to eco-friendly alternatives. Our Alpha 8 wrapper can even run fully kerbside recyclable paper material for hugely impressive results.

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