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5 Features to Look for in Your Next Horizontal Flow Wrapper

When selecting a horizontal flow wrapper for your packaging line, there are five key features you should consider to ensure efficiency and high quality results:

1. Intelligent Temperature Control

Look for a horizontal flow wrapper with Intelligent Temperature Control systems. This feature ensures greater consistency in pack quality, while boosting energy efficiency and promoting sustainability.

2. Sustainability

Businesses are becoming more sustainably minded and customers are becoming eco-conscious. So a key feature to look for, that will set your business up for the future, is a sustainable energy-efficient horizontal flow wrapper that can handle recyclable, biodegradable and compostable packaging, without negatively impacting productivity.

At Paramount we can offer a range of Fuji flow wrappers to best suit your exact product needs to ensure product freshness and longevity.

3. Auto film splicer

A horizontal flow wrapper with an auto film splicer feature has the ability to ensure continuous streamlined operation, with automatic film roll changeover that enables high speed production of 1500 packs per minute.

Opting for an auto film splicer is an efficient way to minimise downtime, cut costs and reduce waste, without requiring manual intervention.

4. Multi-Belt Inline Feeding Systems

Choosing a horizontal flow wrapper that incorporates multi-belt inline feeding systems enhances efficiency.

Businesses can effectively manage randomly spaced products at high speeds, ensuring seamless transfer into the correct position.

At Paramount, our wide range of high speed Fuji machines with multi-belt inline feeding systems. The conveyors feature self-tracking belts and the conveyor units are easily removed for cleaning and maintenance.

5. Multi Servo Drives

A horizontal flow wrapper with multi servo drives, ensures efficient smooth running, minimising maintenance and downtime.

Choosing a machine with multiple servo drives contributes to the overall reliability and longevity of the equipment. At Paramount, we offer up to 7 servo drives, for optimal performance.

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