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Packaging material weight halved


A leading supplier of fresh herbs in Warwickshire.


The client was looking to reduce the packaging weight of their range of fresh herbs.


An inverted, bottom reel Fuji FW3710BSB Alpha series flow wrapper was installed by UK distributor, Paramount Packaging Systems. Its ability to utilise far less packaging material than conventional flow wrappers fitted the bill perfectly.

Prior to the products being loaded onto the conveyor, which weigh approximately 80g each; the wrapping film unwinds onto the machine bed ready to take the herbs through the pack forming and sealing process.

The conveyor infeed system uses two belts – the herbs are placed manually onto the first belt, and then, using automated technologies, the herbs are spaced correctly on the second belt and fed at the right pitch into the flow wrapper.

Currently, 60 packs per minute are being processed, although the line has the ability to process 90 packs per minute.


Following installation, the client reported that the “packaging weight for its range of fresh herbs had more than halved.”

They added: “we can now meet our clients’ demands for substantially-reduced packaging.”

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