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Paramount Packaging highlights range of bespoke Fuji Alpha VII horizontal flow wrappers

As well as featuring standard models, the exhibit focuses on bespoke systems such as the advanced box motion machine offering airtight sealing for high-speed gas flushing or modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) applications and back seal flow–wrapper adapted for reliable, high speed operation on the mobile field harvesting rigs widely used by fresh produce growers.

With advanced heat pipe end seal technology, faster temperature control and high-pressure sealers, Fuji’s Alpha VII box motion horizontal flow–wrapper offers reduced energy usage and hermetic sealing making it ideal for high-speed gas flushing or MAP applications where extended shelf life is a key requirement. Due to the additional dwell time, it can seal thicker wrapping materials so is better suited to handling taller and heavier products. The FW3710B model is also capable of producing on trend ’stand up‘ block bottom gable top packs which are becoming increasingly popular for packaging of gourmet sandwiches, for example. Other units in the box motion series are FW–3400B, FW3410B, FW3700B and FW–3710BSB.

Fuji’s Alpha VII back seal flow-wrapper is capable of overwrapping irregular shaped, fragile or sticky products such as fish, sausages or IV bags and features bottom film feeds for easy, positive transfer of product from the infeed conveyor to the film tube. This eliminates the need to use trays for loose products. Models in the back seal range are FW3400BSB, FW–3410BSB and FW–3710BSB.

Ideal for salad and vegetable growers, in particular, Paramount Packaging’s bespoke Alpha VII FW3710BS/B back seal flow-wrapper is mounted on a robust stainless steel support frame to ensure stability and rigidity when sitting on the harvesting rig. This key technical enhancement allows the flow–wrapper to be easily repositioned when the sides of the rig are folded up for transportation between fields and even countries. It also boasts an integrated ink-jet coder and labeller.

Specially developed for wet environments, the fresh produce flow–wrapper features an ultra–hygienic design to help prevent dust and dirt accumulation, and offers easy access to the mechanical and electrical components. It meets full wash down requirements and incorporates water drainage channels from the infeed.

Paramount Packaging’s Fuji Alpha VII box motion and back seal flow–wrappers are capable of operating at speeds up to 250ppm, with a cut-off length of 430mm. Depending on the model, they can handle products measuring between 140mm and 200mm (width) and up to 100mm (height).

The series has been specially designed by Fuji to incorporate energy saving technology, further improve production efficiencies and reduce operating costs. A key feature is the Fuji Vision System (FVS) which is integrated into the film drive roller housing and helps ensure product integrity by checking film tracking, image and joints, label application and print legibility, as well as barcode verification and optical character recognition (OCR).

The high strength welded integral frame offers reduced footprint whilst the height of the support feet have been increased to give greater stability and ground clearance for easy cleaning. Optional equipment such as film pre-creasing devices, labellers and hole cutters can be installed directly onto the wrapper. A non–contact fibre optic film run out switch makes threading film easier and also prevents marking.

The customised 12” colour touch screen and operator interface use images, words and illustrations for simplicity and fast and accurate diagnostics. A front-facing USB port facilitates machine back up and allows product data to be uploaded easily. A direct drive servo motor on the infeed conveyor has enhanced cycle stop accuracy, given greater control for low-speed operation and improved energy efficiency. The side guides are mounted on hinges to improve access to cleaning and the centre seal deck plate is secured by powerful magnets allowing for a tool–less removal. The transfer brush is now made from silicon to prevent contamination.

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