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The most unusual Christmas products this year

How many of these will be ending up on your table this Christmas day?

The Christmas Cheese Pud

Iceland has produced a surprising take on a classic festive dish this year – a Christmas cheese pudding. Appearing superficially like the traditional fruit-based dessert, when cut open, it reveals an inside filled with festive stilton.

For those without a sweet tooth, we think this could be the answer. However, if you are dairy-free, this one is not for you! It does open up the possibility of playing Christmas Pudding Roulette with your guests this year!

A Cheese Advent Calendar

Following on with the cheesy theme, the cheese advent calendar has already attracted a lot of press coverage, is the first of its kind. Thanks to Asda, all you cheese-lovers out there can get a cheesy-treat every day in the lead up to Christmas. There is even a special cheesy surprise to enjoy when the big day arrives.

The calendar features 24 individually-wrapped cheese varieties, including Applewood, Mexicana and Jarlsberg, so you can expand your cheese horizons each day! Perfect for the cheese connoisseur in many of us.

The Christmas Pudding Smoothie

This is one we are actually quite nervous about trying – the Christmas Pudding Smoothie created by Marks and Spencer. It promises all the flavours of our favourite festive fayre, only in a deliciously liquid form.

Marks and Spencer have really stepped up to the Christmas plate this year, offering all sorts festive twists on the usual; however, the Christmas Pudding Smoothie might just top the list.

The First Festive Vegan Offering for Tesco

With more than half a million people in the UK now following a vegan diet, it’s been a surprise that up until this year, there has been no festive offering for all the vegans out there! But now retailers have finally cottoned on, We present to you Tesco’s bubble and squeak roll… the first vegan option ever to grace the Tesco festive sandwich range.

This savoury roll certainly looks festive; with a carrot-based roll, filled with bubble and squeak fritters and braised red cabbage flavoured with apple, cinnamon cloves and star anise. The fritters are complemented with sage and onion stuffing and creamy vegan mayonnaise. For a finishing touch, it comes with a sachet of coconut bacon flavour flakes to sprinkle inside.

Christmas Dinner Pizza

Asda’s Christmas dinner pizza had been dividing people’s opinions before it even hit the shelves. With the more adventurous amongst us considering the pizza something of a Christmas miracle, others are quietly grimacing at the thought of Brussels sprouts gracing a pizza.

Whether a Christmas pizza repulses or delights you, it is here and it has to feature on our list of innovative festive foods! Loaded with chicken, roasted potatoes, Brussels sprouts, surrounded by an unusually cheesy crust and topped off with a cranberry sauce drizzle… the pizza certainly ticks the festive box!

Merry eating this Christmas!

We hope our list of the unusual high-street festive foods of 2017 has wetted your appetite for the season. If you have been inspired and sampled any of items on the list, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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