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Resealable packaging: the benefits

With this in mind, we take a look at the benefits switching to resealable packaging can provide for a business and its customers. From improved brand perception to being environmentally friendly, there are plenty of reasons why resealable packaging is becoming the norm.

Extending shelf life

A recent study found that the typical consumer is willing to pay up to 14% more for products in resealable packaging, as it extends the life of the product inside.

This has to be one of the most convincing arguments for introducing resealable packaging. If you are packaging products that have a short lifespan when not stored correctly – resealable packaging solves the problem for the consumer by effectively extending the actual use by date, delivering better value.

The laminated layers of film typically used in resealable packaging help keep out oxygen, which is crucial to ensuring the product stays fresh. Resealable zip locks and spouts also allow consumers to use packaging confidently, secure in the knowledge that the goods inside will be kept in their optimum state, for longer.

User experience

There is an obvious ease of use when it comes to resealable packaging too. The pour spouts, sticky seals, and zipper features typically prevalent are flexible and easy to use; making the overall product more user-friendly than many traditionally packaged items.

You don’t need any additional tools to get them open or reseal them to lock in freshness. If it is a liquid, you can pour the product directly from the container then reseal it, eliminating the need to grab an extra container to put in your product in once it has been exposed to oxygen. Just zip or twist it back up and it’s safe to store again!

Environmentally friendly

There is a significantly growing consumer trend towards environmentally-friendly packaging. The reusable nature of resealable packaging eliminates the need for secondary storage options like bags, foil or plastic wrap; whilst also reducing the volume of food wasted due to inadequate storage. Combined, these two benefits create a powerful argument for resealable packaging being a practical and sustainable packaging option for businesses conscious of the environment.

Optimum for retail

Finally, many resealable packaging styles still lend themselves to compact and efficient storage, a vital consideration for retailers. Flexible resealable pack styles still allow retailers to display items whilst making maximum use of shelf space. With shelf and storage space often at a premium, having goods that can be efficiently displayed or stored is a real plus for retailers and their supply chain. Resealable packaging still enables this.

So, when you next consider the best way to package your product, keep releasable packaging at the forefront of your mind. It is good for your customer, good for your retailers and good for the environment. What is not to like?

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