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Unusual confectionery products

Our Fuji Flow Wrappers wrap a really diverse range of products. Arguably the most interesting and certainly the most tasty, are confectionery products. This got us thinking about how these types of products and their packaging has changed over the years. It was back in the 1930s when many of our most popular sweet brands originated; such as Aero, Smarties, Terry’s Chocolate Orange, Dairy Box, Rolo and Fox’s Glacier Mints to name but a few of our team’s favourites.

Whilst these familiar products are still successfully sold today, their branding, packaging and the products themselves have transformed over the decades. Brands are continuously developing their products to keep up with consumer trends and retailer’s demands by introducing more convenient packaging features, such as reseal technology, materials that keep products fresher for longer and packaging that protects from spillage or breakage.

But it is not just the packaging styles that are innovative. We have also seen our fair share of ‘unusual’ confectionery come to market over the years. To celebrate this, here’s our top pick of unusual sweets and treats we’ve come across.

Tabasco-flavoured Jelly Belly

The popular bean-shaped jelly sweet comes in a multitude of odd and wonderful flavours, including apple pie, cherry cola, chocolate mint and cotton candy. But no jelly belly has yet topped this unusually unique flavour; which comes complete in its own packet. Made with real Tabasco seasoning, these jelly beans have a peppery, punchy flavour that is a hot sauce fans dream.

Musk Flavoured Sticks

Unless you’re an Australian or New Zealand native, you’re probably not familiar with Musk Flavoured Sticks, a sweet which comes in black and gold packaging; not the most conventional choice of colours for confectionery and could easily be mistaken for a packet of Bic pens. They have a chalky but slightly chewy texture and a distinctively pungent, floral and sweet scent. They’re pink in colour and often described as tasting like perfume; they’re not considered the most appetising, but might make a good air freshener.


Salsaghetti is a Mexican sweet in loud green, red or yellow packaging. They are spicy watermelon or mango flavoured strings, shaped like spaghetti, which you top with a packet of tamarind sauce for an extra kick! Thanks Mexico, but we think we’ll stick to fajitas!


Japan, home of Fuji Machinery, is known for embracing foods and flavours unconventional in the UK. For instance, they must have the most KitKat flavour options in the world, but we’re not too sure about this one - Wasabi flavour. Other unusual KitKats available in Japan include Grilled Potato, Red Bean Paste, Soy Sauce and Baby Pumpkin. On the other hand, there are also some delicious sounding variations we wish we had in the UK, including Cappuccino and Strawberry Milk.

Genghis Khan Caramels

Another Japanese confection that caught our eye are Genghis Khan Caramels, otherwise known as grilled lamb caramels. The sweets themselves might resemble a starburst, but they are indeed flavoured like lamb curry with a hint of sweetness. The Genghis Khan Caramel is just one of many unusually flavoured caramels we’ve come across.

Paramount Packaging Systems produce a wide range of packaging styles to suit your product and brand, no matter how unusual or unique. Our latest Fuji Alpha 8 Horizontal flow wrapper can run a cereal bar size at 400 units per minute! Explore our website to see our range of packaging styles.

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