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Why every food manufacturer needs a Fuji horizontal flow wrapper

The fast-paced food manufacturing industry is under constant pressure to maintain efficiency while ensuring high quality products. Fuji horizontal flow wrappers are key to maintaining freshness, extending shelf life and enhancing consumer appeal.

In this blog, we will explore why every food manufacturer should integrate a Fuji horizontal flow wrapper into their production line.

Enhanced product protection

One of the most compelling reasons to use a Fuji horizontal flow wrapper is the enhanced protection it offers products. By tightly sealing in your food items, these machines lock out contaminants and seal in freshness. This not only ensures the food remains safe for consumption but also significantly extends its shelf life.

For any food business, this is a win-win situation as it ensures customer satisfaction and reduces waste from spoilage.


When it comes to packaging, speed is key. Fuji horizontal flow wrappers are fast, efficient and fully automated machines are available. These machines make it possible to upscale production and meet growing consumer demands.

Fuji horizontal flow wrappers are reliable and durable, minimising downtime and maintenance needs, keeping your operations running smoothly around the clock.


The versatility of Fuji horizontal flow wrappers is unmatched. Fuji horizontal flow wrappers are able to accommodate a wide range of products and packaging materials, these machines can be adjusted to fit products of various sizes and shapes.

The Fuji flow wrapper is designed to aid operators and can change from product to product both simply and quickly. This flexibility allows food manufacturers to diversify their product lines without the need for additional or specialised packaging equipment.


Fuji horizontal flow wrappers stand out as an ideal cost-effective solution. The precision of these automated machines minimises material usage, leading to significant savings on packaging materials and reduced waste.

Consumer appeal

Fuji horizontal flow wrappers provide a high quality finish that consumers trust and prefer. The clear, tight seal is more than just protective; it's also visually appealing, and in retail, attractive packaging often translates to improved sales.

Compliant with industry regulations

Food safety and packaging regulations are becoming increasingly stringent. Fuji horizontal flow wrappers ensure compliance with industry standards, providing consistent, reliable packaging that meets regulatory requirements. This not only helps avoid costly recalls or fines but also builds trust with consumers who are assured of the product's safety and quality.


Sustainability is high on the agenda for all businesses. Fuji horizontal flow wrappers contribute to environmental goals by optimising material usage and enabling the use of recyclable and biodegradable materials. By reducing the packaging footprint, manufacturers can not only cut costs but also appeal to eco-conscious consumers.

Food manufacturers find our Fuji Alpha 8 flow wrap machine uses 70% less plastic than traditional tray packaging, reduces transport costs by 80% and minimises CO2 emissions by 60%, saving costs whilst being better for the environment.

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