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5 ways to improve production line efficiency using Paramount’s Fuji solutions

In the fast paced manufacturing industry, it’s important to have an efficient production line that can keep up with demand.

As a team of packaging machinery experts, with over 150 years combined experience, we’ve put together our top tips to improve production line efficiency, so you can increase productivity, whilst saving costs:

1) Invest in high speed machines

As the leading supplier of high quality Fuji machinery, we offer innovative high speed flow wrapping machinery that is designed to effectively handle large volumes of products, increase your output and save time.

We recently installed a Fuji flow wrapping machine for a confectionary supplier, who was looking to package their throat lozenges individually. We are thrilled to say our Fuji Alpha 8 FW3400B High Speed Box Motion machine produced hermetically sealed packs, running at a very impressive 400 packs per minute!!

2) Automation

One of the key ways to improve efficiency is to use an automated packaging machine. Automated machines are not as labour intensive and time consuming, whilst minimising the risk of user error whilst delivering quality results.

We offer a range of innovative and flexible Fuji packaging machines, which come in a selection of models and sizes to suit your specific requirements.

3) Use advanced technology

We supply the latest innovative machines to increase efficiency, reduce downtime and maximise profit.

Our Fuji Alpha 8 flow wrap machine is proven to use 70% less plastic than traditional tray packaging, reduce transport costs by 80% and minimise CO2 emissions by 60%. Speak to our team to find the latest technology that meets your needs.

4) Regular monitoring

The best way to maintain optimum efficiency is to complete regular quality control checks of the Fuji machinery. Regular maintenance will prevent damage to the machinery and ensure the longevity of the Fuji flow wrapper.

We have first class team of engineers always ready to help and support all our customers.

5) Sustainability

Looking at ways to reduce energy consumption and packaging waste, will help to make your operations more efficient and lessen your business’ impact on the environment.

At Paramount Packaging we fully support the use of recyclable and compostable packaging materials, helping to reduce single use plastic in the industry. Switching to these types of packaging is not only more environmentally friendly, but will help your business to attract a more eco-conscious consumer.

Interested in an efficient environmentally friendly solution for your business? Call our experienced team on 01252 815 252 or email

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