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Leading innovation in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries

With 30 years industry experience, we’re a leading supplier of Fuji solutions for pharmaceuticals and medical devices, and at the forefront of innovative technological advancements, helping the industry comply with regulations, become more sustainable, improve operations, and save money.

One of the biggest ways we’re helping the pharmaceutical sector is by supplying the latest innovative Fuji wrappers that adhere to stringent industry regulations. Offering the safest, most reliable, and flexible flow wrapping machines on the market.

Fuji’s easy to use machines can be tailored to suit specific applications within the pharmaceutical industry and are constructed using stainless-steel to maintain optimum hygiene levels. The systems incorporate superior temperature control, four level security on the HMI and full servo motor control and are fully validatable.

Fuji wrappers supplied by us are known for their speed and delivering high quality results. Testament to this is the FW3400B high speed box motion wrapper, capable of producing hermetically sealed packs at rate of up to 400 packages per minute. The machine is equipped with an Automated feeder, Auto Film Splicer feature for automatic film roll changeover, and the cantilevered frame enables quick and easy cleaning, saving businesses considerable time.

All Fuji wrappers are available in various models and sizes to suit the product and can be fully customised to specific customer and product requirements. One standard feature on the Alpha 8 range of wrapper is the induction heaters for the fin seal, this heating method uses 30% less energy than standard mould heaters and has enhanced temperature control ensuring fully sealed packs at all times.

The Box Motion and Inverted Box Motion sealing systems allow for high quality seals, particularly necessary for Hermetic and Modified Atmosphere packs and incorporates temperature pre-boost technology, with intelligent temperature control guaranteeing temperatures remain at the set level to ensure fully sealed packs. The end seal system involves lower maintenance, quicker, more efficient product changeovers with minimal requirement for highly skilled operators and significantly reduced downtime due to operator error. Plus they can be easily configured to align with specific applications.

We’re always looking for ways to become more sustainable and found that by adopting technological advancements and promoting the latest sustainable flow wrapping machinery, we can offer clients low costs and lessen the impact on the environment. The Fuji horizontal flow wrapping machines has the ability to process mono layer, eco-friendly recyclable and compostable films, with no additional parts required. By replacing the standard heating system with Ultrasonic sealing further reductions in energy usage, film usage and the cost of the materials used can be achieved.

Fuji machines have unrivalled low ownership costs, so businesses can make a seamless transition to using sustainable packaging and adapt to future demands.

On top of this Fuji machines are built using renewable energy and the state-of-the-art factory uses clean energy to aid global environmental conservation.

We remain committed to sustainability and bringing the industry innovative machines to overcome operational challenges and save businesses money.

If you’re interested in an innovative environmentally friendly solution for your business, call us on 01252 815 252 or email

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