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Torn cardboard

2020 packaging trends – what to expect

Posted on in Industry insights

Packaging is a hot topic for 2020. With continuing pressures from manufacturers, consumers, retailers, wholesalers and even the government, brands are constantly looking at ways to meet the demands to reduce waste – more specifically plastic – and find more sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives for their packaging.

Bags of Christmas presents

How to be green this Christmas

Posted on in Industry insights

Christmas is perhaps the biggest and most celebrated event of the year, with lots of gift buying, wrapping, decorating and event hosting taking place. Invariably, all this ‘celebration’ has a significant environmental impact.

Plastic milkshake bottle

Reasons to go biodegradable

Posted on in Industry insights

Retailers and product manufacturers are turning to biodegradable plastic, a material that can decompose naturally once exposed to the right environment, in a bid to reduce their impact on the planet. We take a look why.

Plastic bottles

5 eco-friendly packaging alternatives to plastic

Posted on in Industry insights

The upsurge in businesses trying to reduce their use of plastic has inspired a huge increase in new eco-friendly alternatives on the market, including biodegradable containers and recycled agricultural waste. Here are a few eco-friendly packaging alternatives to get you thinking.

Plastic water bottle

Recyclable, biodegradable and biocompostable – which route to go down

Posted on in Industry insights

In an effort to upload their ‘green’ packaging pledges, more and more retailers and manufacturers are researching sustainable packaging solutions for their products, exploring options like recyclable, biodegradable and biocompostable materials. But what do they actually mean and which is best?

Tomatoes, carrots and radish on the top of the table

Industry leading produce supplier installs eighth Fuji packaging machine

Posted on in Industry insights

A leading fresh produce supplier based in the South will be implementing their eighth Fuji flow wrapping machine into their facility in 2019, supplied by Paramount Packaging Systems Ltd – the exclusive UK & Ireland distributor for Fuji Machinery Co.

A Starbucks takeaway coffee

5 companies leading the way in alternative packaging solutions

Posted on in Industry insights

From the coffee shop ‘latte levy’, to entirely plastic-free aisles in supermarkets – the zero-waste movement is certainly having its moment, with more and more consumers becoming increasingly conscious of how their goods are packaged.

Unusual confectionery products

Posted on in Industry insights

Our Fuji Flow Wrappers wrap a really diverse range of products. Arguably the most interesting and certainly the most tasty, are confectionery products.

Close up of a hand holding the world

Traditional foods from around the world

Posted on in Industry insights

Inspired by the World Cup currently taking place in Russia and the range of food products our Fuji Packaging Machinery wrap every day, we thought we’d take a look at some of the standout cuisines from countries participating in this year’s competition.

Christmas table with biscuits, candle light and tree.

The most unusual Christmas products this year

Posted on in Industry insights

Christmas is a time renowned for over-indulging, and with the shops looking to entice us into buying ever more innovative and unusual Christmas fare, we thought we'd take a look at some of the more unusual festive food offerings we've found being marketed in the shops this year.

Resealable packaging: the benefits

Posted on in Industry insights

The resealable packaging trend is fast becoming the go-to-option for businesses, particularly for those in the food market.

Wrapping line lifts hygiene for antibiotics test kit

Posted on in Industry insights

Trek Diagnostic Systems has reduced the labour cost for packing trays of antibiotics used in laboratory diagnostic tests, eliminated repetitive manual work and improved cleanliness.

Wrappers raise pack integrity for Simply Fresh Foods

Posted on in Industry insights

Prepared foods processor Simply Fresh Foods has adopted a new system of combined stretch and shrink wrapping allowing the company to produce fully sealed overwrapped trays of products.

Fast changeover wrapper aids bakery efficiency

Posted on in Industry insights

Specialty Italian bread manufacturer La Fornaia has installed its second Fuji Alpha 3410B flow wrapper to handle growing volumes of its handcrafted bread.

Distinctive packaging for triangle sandwiches

Posted on in Industry insights

We're launching the FW32 triangle sandwich wrapper to the UK market. The FW32 wraps standard or deep fill sandwiches in a distinctive stand up easy to open-pack.

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